Up side down or down side up?

Thursday, December 30, 2004


Tsunami Warning System

We have the U. S. West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center and we have the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii which together provide advanced warning of dangerous Tsunamis. We definitely need to learn a lesson from the current tragedy and get a global warning system in the works.

Never will we be able to foolproof our lifes and eliminate or warn of all threats but we must continue to do what we can. Many observers have remarked that the West Coast Tsunami Warning system is really not a very expensive system. It sounds like it would be a worthwhile expenditure.


Pictures Back

Whoa. I can't believe one little email got all my images back. I still haven't been able to get the email post to work from the phone. I get error messages that there is non-compatible content--even though I forwarded from a text only email account! Hmmm. This one will take some thought or maybe I can find some tips out there somewhere.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Test #2 of the Email poster

Okay, Test #1 seems to have gotten lost somewhere. Nothing in posts and
obviously nothing published. This could be quite interesting though. I hope
I can make it work. And now with picture phones and internet phones, I hope
they make it work with images too.


Test #4 of the Email Post Function

Oh, I am getting disappointed in what I thought was going to be a good
thing because it doesn't seem to work and I can't find any in-depth
trouble shooting info. So now I am trying it from gmail since it is
owned by the same people as blogger. Well, what do I think?


Test of the email post

This is a test of the email post function. I am not going to bother with
trying to figure it out, as most of these newer things seem to work better
if I don't know too much about it and instead just use them. Like that picture
posting/hosting contraption that is all free! I can't believe it. We are
actually getting some solid infrastructure here.

Monday, December 27, 2004


Still Here

My image hosting site has eroded, so none of my docs or pics show up anymore, but this text happy site is still here. I quite hoped that it would be gone. Then I would not feel compelled to write something. This long away and still I feel so unoriginal. I think I am now experiencing the punishment of having spent too much time thinking about things or nothings. It seems now that almost no thought catches me by surprise. I feel as though all of my thoughts and even most actions are repeats of things I have already thought, dreamt or done did.

Still I love her. She has stolen a part of me. They taunt me with her likeness. A likeness that I, myself, specially ordered. They love to see me suffer. They love to see me empty and wandering about. Some say they'd love to see me hang myself. And still--I love her. She seems to cooperate with them. Oh, how sweetness hurts me. That rush, then the reaction and then lower than before. Why, I wonder. I love her so...


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